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About Us

Do you really want to know that we've been in business since 1993 and produce great boat gear... I didn't think so.  Let me tell you the real story.

My sailboat is my think tank.  Aside from sailing, I also use it for research and development.  From this I have come up with great products for your sailboat.

Just to let you know, most of the time my crew is made up of non-sailors.  I found that I had to make my sailing experience and theirs much easier.

That's how my first invention, the BOAT SAVER came about.  Now I do not have to teach my crew how to tie knots or retie them.  They just hang the rope of the fender into the BOAT SAVER and the work is done.  Easy and simple.

The rest, as they say, is history.  As I sail or as I sit at the dock the ideas keep flowing.

Providing you with great boat gear for
that passion that we all love...

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